30/30 challenge

Have you heard of the 30/30 challenge?  It’s a method for discarding things every day for 30 days. The challenge ramps up: day 1, remove 1 item, day 2, remove 2 items, and so on. Successful participants rid themselves of 465 items in 30 days. I typically don’t like these gimmicky methods for de-cluttering, but today a member of my (Facebook) Minimalist Meet-Up Group posted her progress. “…on day 25…it really is a challenge…missed a few days and need to catch up.” Indeed, discarding 465 items in a month seems daunting. And yet I wasn’t daunted. I was inspired.

Today I begin my own 30/30 challenge.  You might think that as a Professional Organizer I have an advantage: insights, motivations, or methods for inspiration. Yes, I do. But I’m not a minimalist. And I have small kids – which means we have stuff. And I’d much rather purge and organize with my clients than sort through my own things.  So I’m leveling the playing-field by doubling the challenge. I’m taking on the 60/30 challenge: 930 items in 30 days. And I’m going to do it backwards. Day 1/60 items, day 2/59 items, and so on. Will there be anything left in our house? Will there be protests from my naked children who have no toys to play with? Will my husband wonder what he should use to spread peanut butter on the toast? Stay tuned…

Day 1: 60 articles of clothing (mine)

60 for Day 1 Pile
60 for Day 1 Bags

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