May 20, 2016 happynest

Friday Fuzzy Friends

Stuffed animals, stuffies, lovies, or in our house buddies, are sometimes like unique members of the family.   Most of us at some point felt comforted by one.  Some of us still have our favorite childhood stuffies.  And then there’s anthropomorphism.  I admit that I struggle with this.  But it’s a big part of what makes me special.  So how am I supposed to help my kids let go of some of their less-than-favorite buddies when I feel those pangs of emotion too.  I’m not writing this because I have the answers, but because I want to share my exploration of this topic.  But since it’s a sunny Friday here is Seattle, by law, we must frolic and bask. So I leave you with a client photo and text.  Have a great weekend!

“I love that they’re all making eye-contact with me when I walk in the room!”


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